Good morning, afternoon, or evening old friends and new ones. It's time once again for the Hot Five - a time in which we look back over the past week to see the bits you've loved the most.

But what are your absolute most viewed stories of the week? Let's find out, shall we?

Shadow Fight 3 soft launches on iOS

This story actually got a little bit of backlash on the web this week as I'd mistakingly noted that beta codes were needed to jump on board the soft launch train. After chatting with the developer I updated the story to point out my misinformation and instead let folks in Canada know that you'll be able to play the game no problem, so all's well that ends well...unless you don't live in Canada.

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RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are coming

Understandably this one made the list this week as we finally got RuneScape-related confirmation. After much 'umm'ing and 'ahh'ing, Jagex's press release put us out of our misery. Better yet, the two games will be cross compatible between mobile and PC, so check that article out if you missed the news.

Layton's Mystery Journey indeed

We were fortunate enough this week to get a peek at the freshly-released puzzler's teaser trailer before anyone else. Aside from having an adorable (if not slightly unnerving) hamster slip out of the couch cushions to solve puzzles, it gave us a brief look at what to expect come the game's release the following day. We're luck enough to have played it and reviewed it, so check it out if you're on the fence.

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Z War 1 takes third at the Very Big Indie Pitch

I admit, this is the first time we've had a Big Indie Pitch article in the Hot Five, but it certainly raised an interest. Part base defender, part wave shooter, you'll have to keep an eye on the temperature of your gun as you try to take down armies of the undead.

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Pocket Starships gets a Star Trek IP

Last but not least, the ever-popular Pocket Starships announced the theme of its next IP and it's all about Star Trek and the Borg. We weren't given much information outside of a non-informative teaser trailer and a basic description, but we know you'll be seeing some of your Star Trek favourites making an appearance.

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Well, that's it for yet another week game-lovers. It feels like the time's just flying by this summer, so make sure you enjoy it while it's here.

If you've broken up from school, try not to sleep the whole summer away. If you're still at work, I can't offer much other than the thought of a cold beer waiting for us at the end of the day. Om nom nom.

Until next week, folks.