Cygames is probably most well known (in the west, at least) for its addictive CCG, Shadowverse. Today we learnt that Japan's leading video game company has just signed a sponsorship deal with the legendary Italian football club Juventus.

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The three-year-long deal kicks off in the 2017/2018 season as Juventus will display Cygames' logo on the back of their shirts for the first time in history.

As it says in the press release, "While the design of the shirts itself is a nod to the Bianconeri's glorious past, the presence of the Cygames logo on the back is another clear indications that the club is pushing forward."

Georgio Ricci, Co-Chief Revenue Officer of Juventus states, "This is a strategic partnership for Juventus, because it allows the club to penetrate the Japanese market and strengthen its standing in Asia."

The Cygames logo will make its debut on the shirts on July 22nd as Bianconeri set to face Barcelona in New York, US.

You can read more about it on Juventus' blog here.