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Realpolitiks Mobile brings the global managment of the grand strategy genre from the medieval and sci-fi settings to present day, letting you guide a modern country through today's world and beyond on iPad and iPhone.

Choosing a country places you control of its economics, resources, politics, peoples. Do you act benevolently, form alliances, or do you act aggressively, waging war and becoming a tyrant? Random events test your skills and introduce challenging scenarios to react too, from disease and terrorism to a growing war emerging somewhere else on the planet.

You can even progress decades into the future, into World War 3 and the devastating aftermath. But even in regular conflicts, you can use different military tactics or spies to gain an advantage over rivals and enemy nations.

Realpolitiks Mobile is available for £5.99 / $5.99 on the App Store, and should be out on Android soon as well. You can also find the game on Steam.