Foursaken's Noblemen: 1896 looks like yet another evolution of the formula introduced with Bug Heroes and Heroes & Castles, combining the third-person combat and real-time stategy/tower defense elements with intense alternate 19th century battlefields. In the game's newest footage, we get a sense of the on-foot shooting facet of Noblemen: 1896.

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Clad in heavy armor and wielding a massive shield and powerful rifle, your soldier thuds across the fields with surprising speed, taking cover to flank incoming militias and annihilate them with your fire power. But getting caught out in the open doesn't mean death, as you can plant your shield down as temporary and effective protection.

While the video focuses on direct combat and shooting, Noblemen will also feature a wide range of other units and support vehicles such as calvary, cannons, and airships, which can be commanded from a tactical map view. You'll be able to engage in fierce strategic battles when Noblemen: 1896 releases on August 31st for iOS and Android.