In this part of our round up of the best genre games on mobile, we're having a look at worker placement games. These are usually more intricate than the dice-rolling, so-called Ameritrash that makes up a lot of the games we get on the App Store and Google Play Store.

These are closer to strategy games than anything else, and while some of them take a lot of learning, you'll find an awful lot of depth to them if you're willing to put the time in.

Agricola - buy on iOS
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A game that's all about building up a farm. There's quite a lot going on here, from planting crops, collecting resources, making sure that your family gets fed, and choosing from different professions to change the way the game plays.

There's a decent tutorial here, so you're never going to be too lost when things get a bit tough.

Stone Age - buy on iOS

This one, as you might be able to tell from the name, is set during the Stone Age.

You're in charge of a village, everything from the items that your tribe build, to letting some of your fellow stone agers hook up to increase the size of your work force. It got a Gold Award when we reviewed it, so you know it's really good.

Province - buy on iOS
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Here you're building up a province. A lot of these games do what they say on the tin. You're buying buildings, moving your workers around, and trying to beat the other player as well.

Everyone has the same pool of workers though, so you're going to have to deal with different levels of strategy while trying to outthink your foe.