There are an awful lot of new games released onto the Apple App Store and Google Play Store each week. It's difficult to keep up.

That's why we pop up every Thursday to round-up the most interesting new offerings of the week.

We haven't played all of the games featured here yet, and some of them might not turn out to be too hot. This is simply a rundown of what's fresh in mobile gaming.

You'll have to join us on Sunday to find out what's actually worth playing.

Have you been playing anything else new this week? Do share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition
By Capcom - buy on iOS

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition takes one of the tightest and most technical one-on-one beat-'em-ups of recent times and transplants it to touchscreen devices. Hope you've got an MFi controller.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
By Playsport Games - buy on iOS

This sequel to one of the best sports management games on mobile has you taking charge of the day to day running of a racing team. We loved the original and, let's not be coy here, we love the follow-up too.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
By Telltale - buy on iOS / buy on Android

Okay, so it's not a new game as such. But a new season of one of Telltale's narrative-driven adventures is always reason for excitement for many.

Crusaders of Light
By NetEase - download on iOS

Fancy a new mobile MMORPG? Crusaders of Light is the latest game to vie for your attention. You know the score - squad up, quest, battle, loot.

Splashy Dots!
By Crimson Pine Games - download on iOS

This colourful new puzzler has the clean look and crisp vibe of Dots. Well, clean until you factor in the splattery paint effects.

Knights Fall
By Carbon Eyed - download on iOS / download on Android

Knights Fall looks like an interesting mish-mash of RPG, action puzzle, and pinball - all with a detailed fantasy art style and plenty of explosions.

By Polyphonic LP - buy on iOS

If you're itching for a new rhythmic puzzler, Resynth is a promising example. It's like Lumines meets Sokoban, with lots of stylish beat matching and block-shifting.

Virtua Tennis Challenge
By Sega - download on iOS / download on Android

Okay, so Virtua Tennis Challenge isn't a new game at all, but it is new to Sega Forever - the former console giant's new ad-funded service. And it's still a really good tennis game.

Valerian: City of Alpha
By Spil Games - download on iOS / download on Android

If you're a fan of Luc Besson's films, and particularly if you're interested in his next one, you might be interested in this casual narrative-driven management game. Maybe.

Snoopy Pop
By Jam City - download on iOS / download on Android

Who wants to play Bust-a-Move but with Snoopy characters in place of a couple of dinosaurs? You do, sir? And you, madam? Step this way.

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