If you're a bit of a Kemco/HyperDevbox fan or are just rather fond of a good RPG, this month's Humble Mobile Bundle might tickle your fancy.

Let's take a look at what's on offer this time around.

Pay $1 or more to get:

Generation of Chaos - "Build and govern your own kingdom. Engage in 30 vs 30 thrilling battles in real time to defend and expand your territory. Immerse yourself into each kingdom’s story and play as over 150 characters through 10 different campaigns."

Chronus Arc Premium - "An adventure about the Chronus Fragments. Dungeons filled with puzzles to solve! Change classes and engage in your quest!"

Bonds of the Skies Premium - "Join a range of characters, each with their own distinct personalities, as they travel with the gods through the expansive world of this adventure RPG!"

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Pay more than $4.85 to get:

Cross Hearts Arcadia - "A fantasy RPG where you set off from the floating continent Nirva calls home with his mysterious fairy Tylt on an adventure to find the Genesis Sanctuary!"

ExZeus 2 - "Not many remember the ExZeus project and the robots who saved the planet from darkness, but a new menace from above was about to break the peace. There was only one way to counter this menace and restore hope: reopen the"ExZeus" project. The next Generation of Mobile 3D Shooting Game is here!"

Crystareino Premium - "As the protagonist and his teacher, Eppol, were walking home after a training session, a mysterious light appeared in front of them, engulfing the two. Summoned to another world, the two are bewildered by the situation and begin a journey to find a way to get back to their home world."

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Pay $5 or more to get:

Blazing Souls Accelate - "En route for a new exciting Tactical RPG in the world of Neverland!"

Spectral Souls - "Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires, is the first full-size, tactical RPG for the Android platform!"

Legna Tactica - "Legna Tactica is a full-scale strategy RPG with an orthodox system where players can choose party members to join turn-based tactical battles on isometric grid."

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