Rolling on with the good news, after being teased a little while ago it's been revealed that Layton's Mystery Journey is coming to mobile later this month.

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In Layton's Mystery Journey, Katrielle and the talking pooch Sherl take on a series of mysterious adventures across London. Alongside the largest amount of challenging puzzles to date, you'll also be able to customise Katrielle's outfits, customise the Layton Detective Agency, and take part in mini-games as the story goes on.

To celebrate the launch of their new title, Level-5 teamed up with Scrap Entertainment Inc. to bring us Layton's Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving. Running from June 20th to September 21st, you can take part in finding and solving 50 puzzles that'll appear at famous, real-world locations throughout ten countries and through the online portal.

While the 3DS version of the game launches later this autumn, it'll be arriving on Google Play and the App Store on July 20th for £15.99/$15.99. Android-users can pre-register right here.