Surprise, surprise! Sorcery! has dropped in price to totally FREE for the first time ever.

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Sorcery! is one of those marvellous mobile games where you tell people to play it and shush them if they ask why. Just play it. Don't fight it, man. Simple, yet intriguing, it's a narrative adventure filled with difficult choices, rich story, and delightful fantasy.

What makes the game stand out from other narrative adventures is its unique combat mechanics and its striking, hand-drawn graphics. It's not a long game, but it's an exciting experience that makes you feel an almost child-like glee as you pick your paths and choose your battles.

Usually I give you guys a choice like a professional, but since Sorcery! is totally free for the first time I firmly suggest you head over and have a look at it, right here on the App Store.

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