What new gaming delights are there on the App Store and Google Play Store this week? That's what we aim to ascertain below.

We've got a some genuinely interesting stuff this week, including a couple of long-awaited (and possibly even forgotten) sequels and a whole bunch of games with genuine pedigree.

Join us later in the week once we've had a chance to play them all.

Have you been playing anything else new this week? Do share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Drop Wizard Tower
By Nitrome/Neutronized - download on iOS / download on Android

Drop Wizard Tower is a new arcade platformer with super-cute graphics. But what really carries this into 'sign me up' territory is that it's from Nitrome.

Mini DayZ
By Bohemia Interactive - download on iOS / download on Android

It's hit zombie apocalypse survive-'em-up DayZ, reduced to portable size with a top-down perspective and simplified gameplay. Scavenge for supplies, arm up, and engage your enemies only when necessary.

Star Vikings Forever
By Akupara Games - buy on iOS / buy on Android

Star Vikings Forever already looked intriguing enough, what with its puzzle-RPG gameplay and silly sci-fi setting. But it's also from the team that made Chroma Squad, so our attention is well and truly piqued.

Hoggy 2
By Raptisoft - buy on iOS

The original Hoggy, which released way back in 2010, was a neat platform puzzler with assets seemingly lifted from your favourite 16-bit platformers.

By Channel 4 - buy on iOS / buy on Android

A pretty new environmental puzzler with a serious message at its core, and published by UK TV channel Channel 4. Fascinating.

Grand Prix Story 2
By Kairosoft - download on iOS / download on Android

Here's another long-awaited sequel. Grand Prix Story came out in 2011, when it impressed us with its cute motorsport management action.

SIEGE: Titan Wars
By Game Alliance - download on iOS / download on Android

A busy-looking MOBA-card battler hybrid with online PvP. With stompy titans, naturally.

By Mario Hiermann - buy on iOS / buy on Android

A minimalist puzzler that presents you with a tangle of wires, nodes, and electrical sources and asks you to direct electrons from cathode to output. Sounds like hard work.

By Electronauts - download on iOS

In the wake (arf!) of Battle Bay, we're all for online multiplayer seafaring battles becoming a thing. Battleboats.io looks like it could scratch that itch with the promise of epic 10 vs. 10 battles.

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