Almost three years after the launch of episode one, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle episode two will be coming to iOS next month.

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The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a point-and-click mystery game where you play as Bertram Fiddle, a self-proclaimed explorator searching for his next big adventure. Though we weren't too impressed by its humour or its grating riddles, we did award it with a Bronze Award in its review.

Episode two: A Bleaker Predicklement will work as more of a standalone game, meaning you won't have to play episode one to enjoy it. Given that it has taken so long to make, the developer explained that this was due to its size.

"The reason this has taken so much longer than planned is that basically this game is MUCH bigger than the first. And has more puzzles and greater options for exploring. The puns, you will be relieved to hear, are just as bad."

Though it's entirely dependent on Apple, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement should be arriving on iOS July 20th, with Android following shortly after.

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