Spot It! Duel came out yesterday, and we thought you might like some hints and tips to get to grips with the intriguing mash-up of matching and digital board game.

Hopefully with these you're going to get a decent head start in the world of Dobbles, symbols, and quick-fire spinning snap.

If you've got your own hints, feel free to chuck them in the comments at the bottom of the article. After all, we're all here to help each other.

Match before you begin

When the counter is ticking down for the start of an arena match, you're going to have a good view of the symbols on your card, and the symbols on the shared card.

Essentially that means you should have at least one match ready to go when the counter hits zero. Keep your eyes open and you'll have points in the bag before the game has even started.

Learn your powers

There are a whole bunch of characters to play in the game, and they all have a different power. When you unlock a new character, give them a few spins to find out just what their power does.

Experiment in different situations as well. For example, the freeze power doesn't just stop your opponent from matching, it can extend the time at the end of the game as well, giving you extra seconds to score.

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Combo time

There's an orange bar at the top of your ring of symbols. This is the bar that shows you how much time you have to make a match.

If you make a match within the time, then you'll get a little extra, as shown by the bar extending a little. Make an incorrect match though and you'll have a to wait a little before your next go.

Get more

You can get extra gems by connecting your game to a variety of social media platforms. Check out the Gifts section of the menu where you'll see what you can earn.

You'll also be able to double your score and EXP by watching videos at the end of each Arena round. It's a great way to get a boost on your opponents.

Try the Challenges

The Challenge mode can serve as a decent practice ground for the Arena. Not because the gameplay is the same, but because it lets you get to grips with the different symbols you're going to be looking for.

A lot of them, as you might imagine, or of a similar shape and hue, so using the challenges to learn how to differentiate between them is a pretty smart idea.

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