It's exciting news today, folks, as Badland 2 has gotten a pretty massive update on iOS.

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Badland 2 is the sequel to Badlands (duh), a side-scrolling platformer where you and your clones have to make it through hell and high water to get to the end of the level.

When I say big, I mean pretty darn big. Starting with just the 'Evolution' level pack you get 10 new levels to play though. As for the rest of it, well, 20 online levels, 35 new gameplay-twisting secrets to unearth, 19 new achievements, 60 new Time Trial badges to unlock, and seven new time-based leaderboards is a reasonably sized addition.

Just to make it even more awesome, both Badland and Badland 2 are currently on sale on iOS for a teeny 79p/99c. Don't worry, Android users, the update will be hitting soon.