Shadowgun Legends looks better and better with every passing week, and the game's latest highlight reel is no different.

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Shadowgun Legends is an upcoming AAA MMO shooter by MADFinger Games and it's almost painfully gorgeous to look at. Both the single player campaign and the community HUB just keep getting better and better, so what's next on the list?

This week's War Room shows off the various skills that your character can upgrade. With three main tiers - Survival, Agility, and Combat - and one 'Classified' tier. Like any good RPG/MMO, upgrading skills will make your character more capable and more likely to survive the hostile environments and antagonists.

One major ability to point out here is the fact you can shoot mini black holes for your enemies to get sucked into, and it looks pretty epic. I guess you'll need to stand well clear when that baby goes off, though.

Check out the full video above for updates on Shadowgun Legend. As always, we'll keep you in the loop as the game progresses.

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