Updated on June 28th, at 11:04: Kalimba is now available on the App Store, bringing the popular color-swapping, totem-hopping platformer to mobile.

For £3.99 / $3.99, you can test your precision platforming prowess by timing totem swaps and safely navigating the game's hazards, enemies, and bosses.

First popping up in May, it's been revealed that Flashbulb Games' Kalimba is coming to iOS this week.

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Kalimba is a rather striking puzzle-platformer where you control two totems at once through a series of challenging areas. In case that wasn't tricky enough for you, you've also got your colours to take into account here. Whether you're playing green and pink, or red and blue, you've got to match the correct colours to the right areas - even if that means shrinking or growing in size.

Just to trip you out a bit more, you can also play same-device co-op on your iPad and double the fun. Yep, that means four totems to control between two players, and if you watch the trailer above you'll see it's pretty nuts. Sorry iPhone-users.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Kalimba this Thursday, June 28th, as it arrives on iPhone and iPad.