If you're a fan of the clever platformer/puzzler Lit the Torch, you might be interested to know that the team's next game, Heart Maze, has dropped on iOS.

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Heart Maze is a pretty neat puzzler in which you're dropped inside a 'nightmare cube' and have to work your way through each level to find the key item. As a mixture between puzzler and plaformer, once you've solved one puzzle you can drop through one of the cube's edges and the whole thing rotates, bringing up the next part.

Aside from the pleasant, almost Klei-like hand-drawn art style, the challenges and story of the game suggest that we'll be looking at an almost Limbo-like subplot underneath. The question is: why does the protagonist need to forgive themselves?
If you want to find out you can grab Heart Maze on the App Store for 99p/99c.