Welcome, everyone, to our weekly round-up of the best deals in pocket gaming. We've got some top bargains in store for you.

It works like this: each week we bring the best deals in handheld gaming, predominantly covering the latest discounts for iOS and Android gamers.

We also cover a few deals on smartphones themselves, as well as a selection of handheld offers. Basically if it's portable and cheap, we're looking out for it.

iOS games

We've got a sizeable batch of iOS deals this week, covering a number of downright classics. If you haven't played any of the first five games, in particular, get buying. And set aside the next few evenings.

  • Her Story for 99p (was £2.99) - buy
  • This War of Mine for £1.99 (was £14.99) - buy
  • Ticket to Ride for 99p (was £2.99) - buy
  • The Room Three for £1.99 (was £4.99) - buy
  • Kingdom New Lands for £2.99 (was £9.99) - buy
  • Telepaint for free (was £2.99) - download
  • Demon's Rise for 99p (was £7.99) - buy
  • Strike Force Heroes: Extraction for free (was £1.99) - download
  • Splendor for 99p (was £2.99) - buy

Android games

Android gamers get a pretty great crop of deals too, including some of the same big hitters - Her Story and This War of Mine in particular.

  • Her Story for 89p (was £4.69) - buy
  • This War of Mine for £1.89 (was £9.99) - buy
  • Autumn Dynasty for £1.39 (was £4.79) - buy
  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1 for £2.19 (was £4.39) - buy
  • Oddworld Stranger's Wrath for 89p (was £2.79) - buy
  • True Skate for free (was £1.89) - download
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic for £3.09 (was £4.99) - download

Handset deals

We're deep into the life of the iPhone 7 now, and a number of prettier and arguably more advanced Android phones have arrived on the scene. But it - together with its big brother the iPhone 7 Plus - is still the best gaming phone on the market.

Amazon is currently selling 128GB models of both with a nice chunk of money off. The only caveat is that you'll need to take them in 'Product Red'.

Handheld deals

This week we've got a really good price on that increasingly rare of things - a brand new 3DS game from a major developer. Ever Oasis is looking good.

Oh, and we've got a good price on PS Vita Monster Hunter-a-like Toukiden 2.