It's that time again when we say goodbye to the past seven days, including the horrendous heatwave, and say hello to the unknown week ahead.

This week's been a bit of a quiet one regarding 'blow-your-socks-off'-type news, but there's still been some good stuff floating about. Just check out what you guys have been most keen on.

South Park soft launch

Only a week after Phone Destroyer was announced at Ubisoft's conference, the game's now soft launched in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, and has so far been getting pretty good feedback. Even our Video Wizard, James Gilmour has been getting into it as you'll hear in Pocket Gamer's latest podcast. Oo er.

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SEGA Forever kicks off

A bit of surprising news for this week was the launch of SEGA Forever which, up until a month or so ago, had barely blossomed past a rumour. Now, here we are with full access to it and it's...alright. Pushing initially with five games, including the re-release of Sonic the Hedgehog, there'll be a new title hitting the mobile every two weeks from here on in.

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Brawl Stars' needs balancing

As with any decent PvP battler, occasionally the individual aspects need a little tightening and tweaking to get the best experience possible. Though the game's only just soft launched in Canada, it's not going to stop Supercell from trying to offer up a good show as a rather beefy patch went live earlier this week affecting characters, maps, and various other bits and bobs.

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Carrier Deck arrives on iPad

If you're a fan of strategy games but aren't too keen on turn-based battlers, then this game might be something you want to consider. Manage your aircrafts and deal with warzone threats in this real-time strategy, and try to keep up with the various demands. Sounds simple, but it's going to keep you on your toes.

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Not long to wait for Street Fighter VI: Champion Edition

Finally, Street Fighter VI: Champion Edition should be with us pretty soon as its Facebook page started 'early July'. Of course, there's been a few things to note over the past seven days from the fact the game will probably be easier to play with an MFi controller, to its slightly dodgy-looking trailer which got a less than favourable response. I guess we'll have to wait until its release to see how it really plays.

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That's it for another week. I know our time apart is painful but before you know it Sunday will come around again, kicking and screaming.

So, I've said before and I'll say it again - see you next week, folks.