MU Origin looks to add even more fantasy fun in its latest update. The patch adds new events and boss challenges that are sure to appeal to players of all levels. If you’re looking for a fresh adventure, now’s the time to jump back into the thick of things. Here’s what’s new.

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Webzen has introduced the Land of Ordeal, a new Server Boss Field that will add five new monsters for you to tackle in large scale battles of up to 100 people. The event is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and you’re given 30 minutes to beat these five bosses and accompanying monsters. Triumphant warriors will win random items from monsters, while the hero who deals the most damage to the boss will acquire rare loot.

Players who are 10 Rebirth or higher, and who can pay the 15,000 zen entrance fee, will also gain access to a new all-server area -- Kalutan, providing new opportunities to engage with all players.

Or, if you’d prefer to stay close to home, you can work on building up your own Domain with the new Domain System. This new base-building/resource gathering feature lets you construct four buildings. Developing your Domain will net you Star Essence, Gems, Achievements, or Fame, along with additional rewards.

If you’re starting fresh, all of these events and mechanics may be a bit puzzling. The New Warrior Event has been added to help beginners adjust to a new world. It’s available for seven days after you create a character and provides Login Rewards, Recharge Rewards, 7 Day Goals, and 7 Day Limited Sales.

There’s good news for the collectors out there, too. Players will soon be able to obtain a Swimsuit costume during event periods from Epic Chests via Unbound Diamonds.

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