With the launch of ATGames' Laser Kitty Pow Pow only days away, we've just gotten a fun, albeit brief, new trailer to take a look at.

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Laser Kitty Pow Pow is a mad, ultra-quick shooter in which you help an advanced kitty overlord destroy legions of soldiers hell-bent on taking you down. By shooting frickin' laser-beams from your kitty's eyes, you've got to stop the army from advancing by tapping either side of the screen and taking the rebel scum down.

The new trailer may only be 30-seconds long, but it shows off a small selection of available kitties, some of whom are using the power-ups (like shields), and introduces Tim the Tailor, a rather happy looking chap who crafts new kitties just for you.

Laser Kitty Pow Pow will arrive on iPhone and iPad on June 22nd, with Android coming at a later date.