More details have been given out over the weekend regarding Shadowgun Legends, but this time about the community hub.

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We all know that Shadowgun Legends has utterly striking graphics, a neat array of characters, and very promising gameplay, but the community hub is a different story. Though the hub has all of the usual features, like matchmaking and shopping, it also has some rather fun elements to help you interact with other players.

As show in the video above, the social wheel lets you communicate with other players without opening up an invasive keyboard. Ranging from friendly greetings to epic dance-offs, the wheel is accessible to everyone. For example, saying 'hello' in English-speaking countries translates to 'ola' in Spanish-speaking countries, and that's a really neat effect.

Currency-wise, there will apparently be two types: soft currency earned through playing the game, and hard currency which players can buy if they fancy it.

Check out the highlights in the video above as there's a ton of information regarding weapons, community interactions, and more. There's still no date yet for Shadowgun Legends' release, but we'll keep a close eye on it.

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