Welcome back to our weekly feature rounding up the newest games on the App Store and Google Play Store.

It's a bumper crop of fascinating new games this week - particularly for iOS owners.

We've got a zombie survival game, a cute Tamagotchi game, a slick-looking retro action game, and a whole bunch of quirky anomalies.

Have you been playing anything else new this week? Do share with the rest of us in the comments below.

Art Of Gravity
By Hamster On Coke Games - buy on iOS

This is a visually impressive 3D puzzler from the developer of Zenge that marries voxel block destruction with physics-based challenges.

Mr Future Ninja
By Appsolute Games - buy on iOS / buy on Android

Mr Future Ninja is a slick mix of puzzle, action, stealth, and a whole bunch of other ideas. You're placed in control of a small robotic ninja. What more do you need to know?

Dr Nakamoto's Digital Eggs
By Super Hi - download on iOS

There's real pedigree behind this combination of Tamagotchi and Pokemon, as it's made by a team comprised of the Crossy Road artist and a former EA programmer.

Dead Age
By Headup Games - buy on iOS / buy on Android

Headup brings its popular zombie-slaying survival RPG to mobile. Craft equipment, defend your base, forge alliances and make story-altering choices.

Framed 2
By Loveshack - buy on iOS

This is a long-awaited sequel to one of the most novel, visually striking puzzlers on mobile. Switch the story panels of an animated comic to alter the outcome for our shady hero.

By MixedBag - buy on iOS

A huge metroidvania adventure that messes around with the idea of what a metroidvania should be.

By Thomas Young - buy on iOS

Like a cross between Downwell and Super Crate Box, Fowlst is fiendishly tight action game with charming retro visuals.

Angry Birds Evolution
By Rovio - download on iOS / download on Android

Rovio spins the Angry Birds series in a different direction. This time you're collecting and evolving different types of bird before flicking and bouncing them around in 3D battle arenas.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing
By Gameloft - download on iOS / download on Android

Gameloft turns its attention to CSR Racing, with a familiar brand of rhythmic street racing.

Cars: Lightning League
By Disney - download on iOS / download on Android

One for the kids, this. Cars: Lightning League looks to be a colourful casual racer featuring the anthropomorphic cars of Pixar's Cars 3.

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