There's been a fair few Fire Emblem: Heroes updates lately, but soon we'll have some additions to keep us busy. 

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Four new Heroes from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem have been added to the fray along with a new Paralogue Story: 'Echoes of Mystery', and some special quests. 

In video-order, the characters joining us are:

    • 'Wayward One' Katarina


    • 'Steady Squire' Roderick


    • 'Borderland Sword' Athena


  • 'Rowdy Squire' Luke

Though it's not out just yet, this new update will be dropping tomorrow, June 14th. Grab the game free-to-play now on the App Store or Google Play. And don't miss out on our FEH tier list for more info on the mentioned heroes!

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