Everyone's got time for a platformer and though you hate to love the more aggravating sorts, you'll likely want to play s'more of Project MALLOW once you dip in.

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Project MALLOW is a simply-designed but utterly difficult 2D platformer/puzzler about an adorable and pretty chill marshmallow. He may look a little soft, but this marshmallow dreams of escaping the candy factory. Along the way, however, you might discover things about the mysterious factory that'll make the experience both sweet and assaulty (you know...because it deals with weapons).

Launch yourself through 100+ levels of punishing puzzler/platforming gameplay, and try not to be too harshmallow to your marshmallow. Just to make it slightly fancier, you've also got different hats to collect, full voice narration, and a ton of collectibles.

As opposed to what the trailer says above, Project MALLOW will be coming to iOS and Android on July 18th.