At today's Bethesda presentation at E3 it's been announced that an expansion for Bethesda's strategy card game, Elder Scrolls: Legends is on its way.

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The expansion, Heroes of Skyrim, will add 150 cards, including some familiar faces from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, like Aela the Huntress, Delphine, and J'Zargo
This expansion will introduce new elements of gameplay, including Shouts, Companions, and more. Unlike Shouts in Skyrim, in Elder Scrolls: Legends Shouts power up the more you use them, though there will also be cards that aid you in this case.

Companions will change into their Beast Form when you break a rune. These guys are more powerful and can even trigger different abilities.

Heroes of Skyrim will be coming to iOS, Android, and Steam on June 29th. Before we go, we learnt that though The Elder Scrolls: Legends is already out on tablet, it'll finally be coming to iPhone next month.

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