Phew, what a week we've had this week. Yeah, alright, I say something similar with each of these - big whoop, wanna fight about it?

In all fairness, with WWDC happening this past Tuesday it's been a pretty good one for multiple reasons.

Monument Valley 2 drops like it's hot

We'll start off with some very welcome news as Monument Valley 2 snuck out during Apple's WWDC presentation. One minute they're displaying the new features of the redesigned App Store with a cheeky glance at MV2, and the next the game's out, loud and proud. What a treat it was too.

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Apple's WWDC in full

Following on, the actual presentation had a LOT of pretty neat information. Running two-and-a-half-hours long, Apple not only delivered the rumoured hardware information (it's usually a software kind-of gig), it also had a lot of detailed information about the upcoming iPad Pro, Apple Watch OS 4, HomePod, iOS 11, and more.

Oceanhorn makes a splash on Switch

Well, not yet. Unsurprisingly you guys gobbled up the news that Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas was coming to the Switch, and I don't blame you. It looks no less stunning on Nintendo's latest platform and we already know that it suits the portable lifestyle, so it's a win-win. Pretty graphics, hopefully good framerate and non-clunky controls, and maybe a pathway for Oceanhorn 2 to walk down too. Okay, Ninty? The people have spoken.

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Crescent Moon's delicious Humble Mobile Bundle

This is the second time Crescent Moon's offered up a totally delicious Humble Mobile Bundle and we hope it won't be the last. With titles like The Deer God, Atomic Super Lander, Ravensword, and Legend of the Skyfish on offer, and only paying over $5 for 11 Android games, it's certainly one worth snatching up.

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Apple Design Award winners are worthy

The Apple Design Awards are reserved for only the best apps and games on the iOS market, and this year that included five epic games. Old Man's Journey, Severed, Blackbox, Splitter Critters, and Mushroom 11 all bagged themselves a spot as best of the best and all I can say in response is yes. Yes they are, for their unique art style, deep stories, intuitive game mechanics, and immersive game play. I can't wait to see who next year's winners are.

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That's it for yet another week, folks. It's been nice seeing you, alas it's time to say goodbye - but only for another seven days. Give it 168 hours and we'll be together again.

Until next week, everyone.