If you're aware already, at this week's WWDC the Apple Design Awards took place where five games and seven apps came out on top.
The Apple Design Awards recognises 'outstanding design and innovation' in both apps and iOS games, and the five video games chosen were without a doubt worthy winners - and some of our favourites, too.

Here's the full list of iOS games and a snippet of what Apple had to say about them. You can also check out the official page here and check out the winning apps while you're at it.

In order of appearance:

Blackbox, Ryan McLeod

"Designed and developed by one person, Blackbox was chosen as an Apple Design Award winner for being fully accessible, and offering unique and ingenious gameplay, deep iOS integration, and clever innovations." [...] "Blackbox challenges the player's ingenuity and creativity through innovative presentation and unique interactions. The result is a game that is impressively clever and unlike anything we've played before."

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Splitter Critters, RAC7 Games

"Splitter Critters is a charming level-based arcade puzzle-game for iPhone and iPad with a mind-bending game mechanic that’s playable by all ages. Selected as an Apple Design Award winner for its touch-centric game play, absorbing sound design, and minimalistic paper-craft aesthetic, Splitter Critters uses a clever tearing effect and scene re-arrangement technique to help players solve puzzles in new ways."

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Mushroom 11, Untame

"This a one-of-a-kind platformer mixes physics-puzzle problem-solving with action and strategy. Mushroom 11 plays better than ever before on a multi-touch mobile device and was selected as an Apple Design Award winner for its intriguing alien landscapes, rich hand-painted levels, and incredibly unique, tactile, and immersive gameplay on iPhone and iPad."

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Old Man's Journey, Broken Rules

"We picked this game as an Apple Design Award winner because of its immersive and meaningful game play, beautiful, hand-drawn art style, and whimsical, exceptionally crafted landscapes. Old Man’s Journey conveys universal truths that transcend cultures and the many stages of life, and delivers an experience focused on originality, simplicity, refined game mechanics, and rich interactivity."

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Severed, Drinkbox Studios

"We were impressed by Severed’s sword-swinging mechanic that's both intuitive and effective, the thoughtful approach taken for touchscreen-only controls, and the Metal optimizations used to create its high fidelity graphics and effects, and as well as its support for Game Center Achievements, ReplayKit to record video and audio, 3D Touch to Peek & Pop in-game maps, and iCloud for syncing game play between devices."

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