Earlier this week we found out that Noodlecake is bringing another title to mobile. Today we found out that Flipping Legend will be coming to iOS and Android next week.

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In Flipping Legend it's all about kicking butt and looking cool while doing it. Use your fists, spells, and weapons in pattern-based, flipping combat as speed and rhythm aid your journey.

The three-wide grid means that you've got to be tactical in your approach. Tap on the left or right side of the screen to move diagonally in that direction, or tab back to flip straight back once to change the predetermined pattern.

It's not just enemies that you'll face. You've also got a bunch of spike pits, ghosts, pits, and more trying to end your domination of the field. But, remember, as well as killing enemies it's all about speed. If you're too slow your heart metre will run out, so keep on moving and stock up on those juicy, juicy souls. Mmm.

Flipping Legend hits iOS and Android on June 14th, free-to-play.