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Kickstarted in 2015, The Frankenstein Wars is a new work of interactive fiction from the developers of Heavy Metal Thunder and Deadman Diaries, available on iOS and Android.

While their previous efforts tackled sci-fi and crime fiction, The Frankenstein Wars is much more ambitious and sprawling, following the linked tale of two brothers in a battle for 1800s France against an unstoppable army resurrected by Victor Frankenstein's technology.

As you mold the relationship between the brothers Clerval, you explore the landscape, stopping at locations to make branching choices and wage tactical battles against the undead forces.

Time, weather, and other factors all influence the story and the effect of your decisions; wait too long and outcomes will be different, while inclement conditions can have a detrimental influence on battles and other events.

The Frankenstein Wars can be purchase for £4.99 / $4.99 on iPad and iPhone, and $5.49 on Android devices.