Okay, let me gather myself together for a second because The Walking Dead: A New Frontier's final trailer has just been released, and I'm way too excited.

*Spoiler warning - turn back now if you're not up to date*

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If, like me, you've already played the first four episodes then you'll understand the agony that episode four's cliffhanger left us in. Like every Walking Dead season, things are pretty screwed by now, so what've we got to look forward to in this epic finale?

Javier's brother is a loose cannon anyway, so the brotherly fight we see in the trailer is likely brought on by Javier's earlier decisions. Plus, that promotional art makes it pretty clear that Kate didn't exactly come out of her accident alive so he can't be too happy about that.

With only Clementine (my girl), Javier, David, Gabe, and whatever poor, surviving souls remain, they've got one hell of a fight on their hands to get out alive. Zombies on one side and the corrupted New Frontier on the other, I don't know what path I'd rather walk.

I expect we'll bump into our pal, Jesus, again though. Unless he was thrown in for that short time to foreshadow Season Four.

The finale of A New Frontier will begin launching on May 30th on Steam, iOS, Android, and consoles, and I don't think I'm ready for it.

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