Welcome back to our weekly round-up of the latest game releases to hit the App Store and Google Play Store. How have you been?

This is where we round up a bunch of the most interesting new iOS and Android releases of the week.

We don't know whether they're all any good at this point, but never mind about that. We'll be running through some of the better games of the week in a few day's time.

Injustice 2
By Warner Bros - download on iOS / download on Android

More superhero card-collecting fisticuffs from the moodier (aka DC) side of the comic book spectrum.

To the Moon
By X.D. Network - buy on iOS / buy on Android

We do like it when an indie darling comes to mobile. To the Moon is a charming adventure game with a bitter-sweet story and 16-bit graphics.

Miles & Kilo
By Michael Burns - buy on iOS

Remember Kid Tripp? It was a really good bite-sized platformer from 2013, and Miles & Kilo is the sequel.

Sky Gamblers: Races
By Edon Games - buy on iOS

You might remember the Sky Gamblers games as handsome aerial dogfight games from a few years back. Sky Gamblers keeps the 'handsome' and 'aerial,' but makes it all about racing.

Dungeon, Inc.
By PikPok - download on iOS / download on Android

Dungeon, Inc. is a new clicker/idle game with some interesting dungeon raiding elements. It's from PikPok, which I will always love for making Flick Kick Football back in the day.

Artificial Superintelligence
By Grailr - buy on iOS

This is the first game from the developer of the genuinely amusing CARROT apps, and it looks like a tech-savvy take on Reigns.

By Guillaume Loquin - buy on iOS

You might not think you needed another runner in your life. Then a beautiful game comes along that stars a pirate riding on a whale's back, and you realise you might have been wrong.

Crash Club
By Prettygreat - download on iOS / download on Android

Crash Club looks and sounds really interesting - it's a massively multiplayer car combat game with a bright, bold art style.

Bit Heroes
By Kongregate - download on iOS / download on Android

Another hit web game comes to mobile. Bit Heroes is an MMORPG with chatting and looting and crafting elements, but with a brisker pace and colourful pixel-art presentation.

Built for Speed
By Meizi Games - download on iOS / download on Android

We're getting some good retro-racing vibes from Built for Speed, with its Tonka cars and its top-down arcade racing and its track building facility.

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