Update May 23rd, 2:08 PM: Apparently the Space Zoo and Dinosaur content won't unlock until you get to the third level of the Jungle.

It's been a while since we last talked about Rodeo Stampede and, boy, is its upcoming update going to be cool.

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As if you didn't know already, Rodeo Stampede is a horrendously addictive, score-chasing autorunner in which you have to hop from animal to animal to complete goals, and collect different types of animals for your sky zoo.

This update is bringing the one major thing the game's been missing...dinosaurs. That's right, it's a Jurassic-themed update with prehistoric environments, different dinosaurs to ride and capture, and the neat Space Zoo just to top it off.
You can expect the update to hit iOS and Android on May 18th. We'll let you know when it drops.

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