Colt Express is one of those digital board game adaptations that really shows what the leap from cardboard to your phone or tablet can do.

It takes what's already an excellent physical game, and turns it into one of the finest strategy experiences available for your mobile.

The game's all about trying to rob a train. You're playing a villain, and you've got a number of different options about what to do. When you've chosen your moves, they play out in a distinct order.

And since everyone's chosen what to do beforehand, things can get a little messy. There's a very real chance you're going to be punching empty air, or trying to climb out of a carriage that you're not in anymore.

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This all adds a poker-like game of bluff and guess to proceedings. What moves are your foes going to pull off? And how can you play your cards to make sure you thwart them?

It's clever, it's fast-paced, and while there's a lot of strategy, you can pick the game up and start playing almost instantly.

As well as the online multiplayer mode, you can work your way through a story that features six different characters. Playing this unlocks different game modes as well, so there's always something to do.

And if that wasn't enough there are leaderboards to climb, achievements to unlock, and comic books, skins, and environments to find as well.

If you're just starting your adventure in the digital board gaming world, then Colt Express is a wonderful place to jump in. It's exciting, it's entertaining, and it's a wonderful glimpse at the possibilities the genre offers.

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