In case you missed the recent news, Nintendo will be launching the 2DS XL later this summer.

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This news came pretty out of the blue, but it'll no doubt be welcomed by Nintendo fans - as is evident from the buzz the system's been getting in just a few hours.

First thing to note is its new clamshell design. Not only has it bypassed the 2DS clunky aesthetic, but it's also bringing it in a couple of colours: black/turquoise, and white/orange.

According to Nintendo, the new 2DS XL will be "giving consumers a new choice that fits between the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems." This is a pretty accurate summary considering the influence applied to the 2DS XL. Not only has the C-Stick been implemented, but the device also has the same sized screen as found on the 3DS XL.

The system also packs the same amount of power as its sibling and features the same NFC support for amiibos cards and figures. Better still, the 2DS XL can play the huge library of 3DS/DS games and will be launching alongside three upcoming titles: Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training, Miitopia, and Hey! PIKMIN.

The new Nintendo 2DS XL is set to launch on July 28th in Europe, America, and Canada for around $149.99. It'll be launching in New Zealand/Australia on July 15th, as well as launching slightly earlier in Japan.