What would happen if you mashed together Crossy Road and the film Speed?

Well, it probably wouldn't look that much like Bomb Hunters, but that's sort of the vibe that the game is going for.

You're a plucky bomb disposal expert who's jogging around an obstacle-laden maze trying to stop bombs from blowing up.

It's all frantic ticking clocks, sniper nests, and heavy traffic. And it's actually quite a lot of fun. Not as much fun as Speed though. God I love Speed.

Pop quiz hotshot

You peg it around the maze with a D-pad at the bottom right of the screen. It's a bit fiddly, but that's also sort of the point. Blue markers show you the direction you need to head in.

When you get to a bomb defusing it is as simple as standing on top of it. A white bar fills the blue marker and when it's complete the bomb won't go boom.

If all that sounds a bit too easy, well the game is only too happy to contradict you. It throws in soldiers that will take shots at you as you try and stop the bomb from blowing, and dead-ends that waste precious seconds.

There's more too. Rivers and roads criss-cross the levels. You need to skip across moving barrels and dodge through speeding military vehicles.

Planes soar through the sky and drop ordnance on your head. It's all a bit dangerous if you ask me. You can upgrade your suit with the coins you earn as you play to give yourself more health.

There are mini-game extras that give you more currency too. These involve dragging and dropping fuses into place to a strict time limit.

Focus, Jack!

You get extra items that you can use to help you out too. Everything is slick and well designed, and there are challenges that push you to keep playing.

And if you do keep playing you're going to have a lovely time. This is a fun and fast piece of throwaway mobile gaming fun.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and see if Speed is on Netflix.