As expected of Noodlecake Studios, Invert is a tidy puzzler with a fair amount going for it.

It's got the challenging content puzzle-heads crave, the finesse of a quality mobile game, and a little variation so things don't get too stale.

That doesn't mean it's faultless, however, but few things are, so MEH. Whether you're a die-hard, puzzle-solving nutjob or just a person who needs to kill some time, Invert may have something for you.

Switch me up, baby

You start off with two options - campaign or challenge mode. Campaign leads you through puzzles with limited moves but no time limit. Whilst Challenge mode offers the polar opposite, giving you tasks with unlimited moves but you're on the clock, buddy. Tick tock.

Oh, and in Challenge mode you get optional hints for when you're feeling a little stuck.

There are cutesy names for the 20 levels each mode offers, and they consist of eight puzzles with three stars up for grabs. You need to collect stars to unlock more levels.

This method actually gives the game really great pacing. Not only are the puzzles short and sweet, it also makes you feel less useless when you're stuck on a solution if you've already solved a few.

The way you solve the puzzles is pretty easy. Just tap the points at the sides of the grid to start flipping tiles. Simple, right?

Alright, I lied. The mechanics themselves are simple but once the game gets going, and especially when you get onto the diagonal grids, things start getting pretty complicated.

You have to really think about your methods in Campaign mode to come out successful, and though some things seem utterly impossible the solution is usually painfully obvious. Once you've figured it out.

The aesthetic is very pleasant. It's basic, clean, and rather striking when it comes to the colours used in each level.

There's only one real problem with the game, and that's the ability to randomly guess a few of the puzzles. If you're feeling lazy or frustrated, you can start tapping around the points to see if anything jumps at you.

The difficulty can also be a teeny bit random as the game goes on. Usually you'd expect levels to get more difficult as you work through them but in some cases the puzzles either side of a tricky level were super straight forward. But that's a micro-gripe.

Flip your shapes

Invert is actually a great puzzler, if a little short, and its premium price point is definitely worth paying - especially when you don't get any adverts with it.

It's not something that'll keep you hooked for hours and hours at a time, but it's definitely easy to pick up, play, solve, and feel epic about.