This year our giveaways have been a little too iOS-focused, and Androiders have rightfully felt a little left out. But that's all over now.

To celebrate the platform, as well as the Android fans who keep coming back, we're holding a special giveaway of the best games to launch on Google Play this year so far.

The usual rules apply: you still have to join (or be a member of) the App Army to participate. But don't despair - it's a lovely community of mobile gaming fanatics, and we regularly shower them with free codes and run fun events.

So stay tuned on Pocket Gamer over the next few weeks to grab a code or two of the finest games on Android this year.


WarFriends is a hectic multiplayer shooter. You'll dodge bullets, dive into cover, and blast heads off shoulders. You can also drop squad cards (like in Clash Royale) to summon units to your aid.

There are a variety of modes to do all of the above in. Take on a single opponent in 1v1 duels, or play cooperatively with a friend in WarPath Mode to mention a few.

At review, we gave WarFriends a Silver Award and described it as: "A bright and big shooter with some interesting tactics to it".

Okay, gimme!

Not so fast! First you have to sign up to the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments beneath this Pocket Gamer article. We'll then select the lucky winners over the next few days.

Remember that this is an Android only giveaway. We'll be back in May with the usual giveaway so there's not long to wait for iOS users.

And that's it for this giveaway. We'll be back next month with the usual giveaway so keep an eye on the App Army for further info.

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