After a long wait, Crescent Moon has finally launched the Rossman Bros' Get Me Outta Here on iOS.

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Get Me Outta Here is a retro arena shooter in which you, a somewhat balding mustachio male, wake up on an alien spaceship. With little idea what the hell has just happened it's your immediate instinct to pick up whatever big, burly gun you can find and get outta there.

There's a ton of stuff to check out in-game, like a variety of guns, epic alien bosses (including your own cow), power-ups, game mods, weapon skins, bonus modes, and more.

Just to top it off, this retro-inspired game has inspired a rather retro TV commercial release trailer which really does reek of the 80s. Pizza and video games, terrible hair, wearing baseball caps indoors, smoke machines, you know the drill. You love the drill, don't deny it.

Grab Get Me Outta Here free-to-play on the App Store now.