If you guys are fond of slightly macabre themes, silent storytelling, and intelligent puzzles, you may be interested in A Rose in the Twilight which released on PlayStation Vita and Steam this week.

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In a mysterious castle, a young girl, Rose, wakes alone with a Curse of Thorns upon her back - this allows her to absorb blood and transfer it to static objects, staining them red and allowing them to move. After meeting a sleeping giant, the two must work together to solve the many deadly puzzles of the castle.

With Rose's powers and the giant's strength and impenetrability, it's up to you to unearth the blood memories to piece together a shattered past. You'll die a lot. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose, but always learn from it.

A Rose in the Twilight is available now for £14.99 on Steam and for a similar price on the PlayStation Store.