Zombie Safari is an open world adventure, in which you head off road in a variety of different vehicles, smash into zombies, and complete a variety of challenges.

There's a ton to do here. You can unlock and upgrade vehicles, explore the world for secret locations, and simply beat up zombies with a variety of different weapons and power ups.

It sounds like a lot of fun on paper, but what's it like to play? We asked the App Army just that, and here's what they had to say.

Ed Davis

It's an interesting game. Nice, simple, and good fun. The graphics and controls are pretty good for a mobile game.

Chase Geier

It's nice and simple. The graphics are good and it plays smoothly. The controls fit mobile pretty well.

Tom-Donna Clark

At first, I wasn't too sure about this. Having spent a bit of time with it though, it's quite a good game.

The graphics are good, the controls are pretty easy to learn and manage, and plowing over zombies is quite satisfying.

There isn't a clear cut goal other than buying new vehicles and arming them up, and it's pretty child safe. Great job on this one.

Laura Egri

If you're in for a simple fun to play killing zombies bonanza this is it. The game doesn't require strategic planning or any kind of tactics, it's all about driving skills and accuracy.

It has quite nice graphics in various colorful environments and plenty of vehicles and weapons to play with.

Improving your vehicle obviously results in a better performance, transforming you into a true zombie smasher but that's about it.

It handles well and it's a great time waster.


I agree with Laura - it's a fun little time waster. It's not very deep and doesn't require much mental processing. It's just a fun little zombie squisher that looks good, plays smoothly, and has a few hooks with the upgrades and progression paths. I'm enjoying it.

Kainen Ryan

If you want to switch off your brain and just kill some walkers then this is for you. It's about as deep as a shot glass but it's a nice little time waster.

Oksana Ryan

I loved this game. Easy controls, good looking graphics, and I didn't have to turn the music off. Plenty of zombies to kill, vehicles and weapons to upgrade, trophies to pick up, coins and gems to collect, and large areas with easy to read maps.

Although the objective is to destroy as many zombies as possible, it's done in a cartoon like way with the blood being splattered in dark red cubes, so if you're squeamish don't worry, you won't be in danger of losing your lunch.

I'm definitely going to continue playing this game.

Tony Teulan

One of those games that's perfect to play at a moment's notice. It has a little depth with upgrade systems that looks, plays, and controls well.

A decent variety of settings and weapons also help make this zombie arcade game an easy recommendation. A definite keeper.

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