If I told you that you could add bomb defusing to Crossy Road, you'd probably say I was mad and slightly sadistic, right? Well, Bomb Hunters'll be touching down on iOS and Android next week, and it looks pretty good.

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Bomb Hunters is an action arcade game which has you hopping across logs, avoiding obstacles, and defusing time-ticking bombs before they blow up. Just to add a spanner in the works, each time to reach a bomb in time you'll then have a mini game to complete in order to defuse the aforementioned device.

Just to throw another spanner into the works (because spanners are fun) while you're running to the ticking bombs, you're also going to be getting shot at with whatever's available. If you see a big red 'X' appear on the floor, I'd suggest running away sharpish.

Bomb Hunters will be releasing worldwide next week on iOS and Android. For Android users currently, however, you can test out the game a little early on Google Play.