What started as a flash game with a fantastic original song has grown to be much, much bigger for Adult Swim. This endless runner has been a massive success and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

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The latest entry in the franchise, Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is scheduled to come next week after a short soft launch.

As explained by Emily, "in Robot Unicorn 3 the design has changed up a touch. As the game is more 2.5D and very...pink and purple...everything has a nice, smooth finish to it despite its gameplay not really changing up that much. This time, however, you get to choose a team of three runners to help you collect the tears of failures past to help build your citadel."

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You can either get the soft launched version right now in New Zealand or Australia or wait and pre-register for it to know the moment it lands on both iOS and Android worldwide. We're pretty stoked.


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