Updated April 19th, 4:18 PM: Right on time, Tigrido can entertain us a little more now that Hexy: Puzzle Adventure is live on iOS.

Grab it for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for £1.99/$1.99 now.

Tigrido is back again as they announce their latest, Hexy: Puzzle Adventure, launching on iOS later this month.

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Hexy: Puzzle Adventure is a puzzler in which you inlay different shaped, same-coloured tiles to make complete hexagons, among other shapes, to clear from the board - a little like Tetris in that regard. At the moment you've got 100 levels to play through with more to come in future updates.

As with a lot of Tigrido titles, there's very little information available at the moment, but Hexy is apparently a successor to Color 6, a very popular puzzler released last year.

The premium title will be coming to iPhone and iPad on April 18th. We still don't know the exact price, but I'd go out on a limb to say it'll be around the same as its previous game, Royal Dungeon.