After a rather eventful EGX Rezzed, Fireproof Games has had a great time showing off The Room: Old Sins to enthusiastic gamers, and we've been chomping at the bit for more information on the game following its announcement last month.

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For those of us who couldn't attend, however, we can get more of an insight as Amik Asheghian, from The Gamerscore Whores, interviewed Barry Meade to find out more about Old Sins.

"We thought at the end of The Room Three that we'd finished the storyline and the plot that we'd started in the first game. We wanted to string that out over the three games and then third game had a pretty final ending to that," Meade states when asked about the franchise's direction. "With The Room: Old Sins we wanted to kind of reset it again back to be a fresh, new story, really. So, we wanted to change everything about it: the setting, the presentation, but keep it as a Room game that everyone would know."

Though Meade couldn't talk much about the mechanics, he did confirm that a VR version of The Room won't be happening in the near future, despite knowing that it would make a great VR game.

"Unfortunately, they take a long time to make, they're very expensive so there needs to be a big market there to support that kind of investment and the amount of time and energy that we put in. So we're kind of just waiting for the market to happen and then we'd certainly look at doing a Room game in VR. We'd love for it to happen."

Check out the full video for more information. We'll keep you updated when we know more about the eagerly anticipated title.