It's been a while since we last heard of the efforts of the Rossman Bros. but we've got good news. Get Me Outta Here has been submitted to iOS and should be launching in a few weeks.

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Get Me Outta Here is an intense sci-fi shooter/platformer in which you play as an average-Joe, mustachio male who's been abducted by aliens and is currently stuck aboard the mother ship. Obviously, he acts in the way we'd all want to act in the same situation - by grabbing the nearest gun and blasting his way out of there.

After Crescent Games announced it'd be publishing the game earlier this year, I think we've all been tapping our fingers and staring at the clock as we waited for news of its release. Well, here you go.

It may not be a definite date just yet but we'll keep you posted. Get Me Outta Here will hopefully be launching later this month, and will be free-to-play with an IAP which gets rid of ads, unlocks bonus bones, and extra content.