Beijing-based Immersion Studio's got something interesting on the cards as their adventure puzzler, Alone Planet, will be coming soon to iOS.

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Alone Planet is a rather striking, monochromatic puzzler in which you're embodied as a small, ice-white, anthropomorphic creature, travelling through a rather perilous world, searching for a way out.

Along the way you'll face puzzles with teleporters, floating blocks, pressure pads, spinning spikes - even walls of spikes, and more. However, aside from just making your way through the various levels, you've also got some big, bad bosses to battle.

There's not too much information out at the moment, but the gameplay looks pretty tidy. Let's just hope that the game actually plays as good as it looks and that it's not a nightmare to control.

We don't have a specified date for release as of yet, but we'll let you know when it drops.