Jeez, Fire Emblem: Heroes has had a busy month, and though the launch events are almost over there's no sign of slowing down just yet.

Fire Emblem: Heroes' April update is looking to be pretty massive as Nintendo detailed everything and the kitchen sink in a tidy notification. For the sake of simplicity, and to avoid my incessant ramblings, we'll keep it nice and short.
Before you ask, yes there're more Grand Hero Battles planned over the next couple of months.
  • March 24th - Michalis: Ambitious King, which was announced earlier today.

  • Early April - Navarre: Scarlet Sword

  • Late April - Zephiel: The Liberator

  • Early May - Xander: Paragon Knight

  • Late May - Lloyd: White Wolf

Aside from the GHB events, there will soon be a mixture of updates, tweaks, and fixes to aid your experience. These include:

  • Hero Merit - When Heroes take part in battles, they'll earn Hero Merit, and in turn be able to get Hero Feathers.

  • New combat rules - This applies to the areas of defence and reinforcement.

  • Tweaks to arena scores and matchmaking - These changes will help match players with opponents of similar strength and slightly increase the score you can get on all difficulties.

  • Bonus Hero descriptions - Descriptions of Bonus Heroes will be available in the Arena.

  • Notifications - You'll only get one notification a day without repeating later on.

Phew! Looks like there'll be plenty to get your head around in the coming months, and apparently the developers are constantly working hard to bring more in-game events. We don't have the details on those yet though, so keep an eye out.

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