The Nintendo Switch is even more flexible than you might have heard. Not only is it extremely portable, but it's also region free, so you can play games from any country.

This also means that you can access and download games from the eShop in other countries.

Why would you want to do that? Well, for one thing, there are going to be loads of games that ship first in Nintendo's native Japan - and some of those might never make their way West. You can also pre-download the Splatoon 2 global testfire right now from the Japanese eShop, though you can't play it yet.

There are just a few hoops to jump through before you can access the eShop from other countries, though. Here's how to access the Japanese eShop on your Nintendo Switch.

You need to set up a completely fresh Nintendo account for this. So, pop over to an sign up for a new account. Next, enter your date of birth, nickname, email address (remember to make it different to your main Nintendo account) and password.

Finally, set your country of residence to Japan. Note: this works with other regions too - it's just that the Japanese eShop brings the biggest and most obvious benefits.

Enter the four digit code that Nintendo has sent to your provided email address on the next page and hit 'Verify'. Your Japanese Nintendo account is now set up!

Boot up your Switch and head into the Settings menu (it's the gear icon at the bottom of the home screen). Select Users followed by Add User. Go through the process to create your Japanese alter-ego.

You'll now be offered the option to 'Sign In' and link to your Nintendo Account. This is where that Japanese account comes in. Enter your freshly created log-in details and proceed.

You're in! The next time you click on the eShop icon, you'll be asked which user wants to enter. Choose your newly created user and you'll be taken to the Japanese eShop. You can still access your home country's eShop simply by choosing your original user ID at the outset.