Updated March 15th, 12:17 PM: Bang on schedule, the first episode of Ticket to Earth is out on iOS right now.

Grab the game on the App Store now for £3.99/$3.99, and if you're a little on the fence about it, be sure to check out its review right here. *Spoiler* - it won Gold.

There's more exciting news today as Robot Circus' Ticket to Earth will be coming to iOS this Wednesday.

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Ticket to Earth is a rather unique episodic RPG/puzzler-hybrid with turn-based combat - a little like Banner Saga in some ways. We play as a young orphan girl, Rose, in a sci-fi setting, as she finds herself as a rather unwilling heroine of the story. Mining robots start turning on their operators, but it's only the beginning of a sudden wave of violence, and Rose has no other choice but to sign up with the Peace Keepers.

By taking control of Rose and her comrades on the battlefield you'll complete your attacks by linking coloured tiles together. The more tiles you match up, the more powerful your special attacks will be. It wouldn't be an RPG without character upgrades and customisation through, so you've got that to look forward to between battles.

Ticket to Earth has four episodes in total. The episode one: Uprising will be coming to iOS on March 15th. Episode two: Crash will be coming soon, and the other two are still fairly secret at this stage.

The game is also coming to Android devices and PC/Mac, but there's no set date as of yet.