If you want a game to see you through the weekend, you might want to check out this unexpected gem, After the End: Forsaken Destiny.

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After the End: Forsaken Destiny may have a bit of a long-winded name, but this adventure puzzler is a striking one-touch game. The long and the short of it is that it's up to you to unravel the mystery behind a father/son journey as they traverse parallel paths, separated by time.

Speaking of Journey, the game reeks of it - a slightly blockier version of it anyway - and a sprinkling of Monument Valley as its low-poly graphics are truly charming. Even our Reviews Editor, Harry Slater, liked it enough to give it an agreeable Silver Award in its review.

What's more, it looks like the pilgrimage isn't complete just yet as its iTunes description tells us to 'be on the lookout for new content coming soon'. That's always a nice thing to see.

Grab the game for £3.99/$3.99 on the App Store now.